About Us

At Zekiah Technologies, we really like information technology. We like getting hardware and software working together. We like optimizing that last routine to make an application run slightly faster. We like seeing how far we can take technology and we really like finding new things to do with it. It’s how we spend our time and it’s why we started our business.

We also realize that not everyone is into technology as much as we are. Each of our clients has an important job and information technology is a tool to get that job done. As much as we love information technology at Zekiah, we understand that our customers are not interested in technology for technology’s sake. In order to commit to a technology, it must have a significant value beyond the fact that “it’s cool.”

We view this dilemma as our ultimate challenge. For each and every project, we apply our expertise to find ways to use information technology to streamline business functions, add value and, most of all, not get in the way of people doing their work. Now that’s intelligent!

Mission Statement

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients through innovation and the ingenuity of our technical solutions in the fields of systems engineering, software development and geospatial technologies. We accomplish this by recruiting, hiring, and developing talented and motivated employees that embrace our core values.

Core Values

Corporate Family

Our culture supports our employees both in and outside the workplace, by providing a comprehensive benefit package, friendly team environment, and opportunity for professional growth.


We actively seek to hire and retain employees who take personal pride in the quality of their work and are motivated to seek new challenges and opportunities. We strive to be a company of which our employees are proud.

Technical Excellence

We value the diverse expertise of our employees and their passion for innovation. We continue to stay abreast of the latest technologies through training and development.


We believe in a strong work ethic, dedication to our mission, honesty and integrity, and personal responsibility towards Zekiah, our employees and our clients.

Financial Stability

Decisions are made with a focus on the long-term financial health of the company.

Appropriate Solutions

We listen to our clients to fully understand their needs and implement the most appropriate solutions.

Vital Statistics

Year Founded: 1994

Year Incorporated: 1999

Headquarters: La Plata, Maryland, USA

Status: Woman-owned small business

Business Focus: Software Engineering, application development, information technology integration

Capability Statement

Where Did We Get The Name Zekiah?

Zekiah Swamp is a nationally recognized and protected wetland area that runs through the heart of Southern Maryland and provides a natural habitat for many rare wildlife and plant species and migratory birds. The Zekiah Swamp watershed extends to more than two-thirds of Charles County, thus its bogs and marshes provide an essential natural filter for millions of gallons of waters before they enter the estuaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Prior to the arrival of the English colonists, the swamp was a favorite camping and hunting area for the Algonquin Indians.