Remote Tracking and Sensor Integration

Our Approach

Zekiah Technologies recognizes that, despite all best intentions, the most current and relevant data is not always on your desktop or on your server. Sometimes, you just have to go out and get it. For many organizations, this reality means field data collection using some kind of handheld device such as a PDA, Tablet PC or GPS Receiver. In addition, the greater computing power available in modern handheld devices means your users want to take data with them to support them in the field.

We take handheld, wireless and embedded devices very seriously — they are an important component of our overall integration offering. Zekiah Technologies develops applications for these platforms as extensions of your enterprise architecture. Although such devices can be convenient and even eye-catching, the intelligent use of such platforms comes only when they can extend your reach strategically. Whether supporting inventory management, supply chain logistics or verification of critical asset locations, Zekiah Technologies believes remote data gathering can be an important part of your enterprise system.

Functional Capabilities and Services

  • Embedded Web Services
  • Real-Time Monitoring Systems
  • Automated Identification Systems
  • Radio-Frequency Identification Tag Implementation