WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS Manual

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Browsing for Data

WeoGeo Market and libraries require a spatial extent for
browsing. As a result, WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS requires that your ArcMap data
frame have a spatial reference set. The easiest way to do this is to add a data
layer that has a spatial reference. While a data layer is not technically
required, it will be difficult to find an area to browse without using a layer.
The following step assumes you have added at least one layer with a spatial reference
to your map (and have a spatial reference applied to your map).

Step 1 – Activate the WeoGeo contents view

Activate the WeoGeo contents view in ArcMap 9.3 by clicking
the “WeoGeo” tab

Step 2 – Connect to WeoGeo Market or a library

Choose WeoGeo Market or a library in the libraries dropdown.
When connecting to a library, you will be prompted for login information. It is
not necessary to log in to browse WeoGeo Market. WeoGeo Market will be listed
as “market.weogeo.com” and libraries will be listed with their respective host
names. (See the “Library Management” section below to learn how to add a

Step 3 – Browse!

If your map has a spatial reference, and you have “Refresh
with Pan/Zoom” checked (recommended), browsing will start automatically. You
can pan and zoom around the map to update your browse results. If you uncheck
“Refresh with Pan/Zoom,” you will need to use the refresh button to update your
browse results.

Advanced Options

By default, WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS uses only the current
map extent to browse for data sets. By clicking the “Advanced Options” link in
the contents view, you can display the advanced options window to set further
parameters to narrow down your browse results further.


In order to minimize network load, WeoGeo pages browse
results. You can define the number of results per page and page through your
results using the tools depicted below:

Paging is defined by browse parameters. If you change any
browse parameters (map extent, advanced options, page size, etc.), new browse
results will be generated and your paging will reset accordingly.

Dataset Details

Browse results are displayed in the WeoGeo contents view as
depicted below:

WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS provides multiple ways to examine
the details of a data set. Basic information (name, upload date, data type, max
price, thumbnail image) is shown in the data set listing. You can see the
geographic extent of the data set by clicking in the green background. The
background will turn blue and an extent box will be shown on the map, as
depicted below:

You can click the blue background to toggle the extent box

Clicking the thumbnail image will display the data set details window, as shown below:

Customizing and Ordering Data

Clicking the shopping cart icon in either the data set
listing or the data set details window will initiate the ordering process and
display the order window. If you are browsing WeoGeo Market and you have not
already logged in, you will be prompted to do so. You must be logged into
WeoGeo Market to place an order (this is true for data sets that are
free-of-charge, also).

To order data sets that have a purchase price from WeoGeo
Market, you must register a form of payment with WeoGeo and the WeoGeo web
site. WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS does not handle payment information of any kind
internally. If you do not have a form of payment registered, you will only be
able to order data sets that are free-of-charge from WeoGeo Market.

You may customize your order in a number of way:

  1. Choose a GeoCrop option of clip your data set or select features.
  2. Choose a desired spatial reference.
  3. Choose a data format for download.
  4. Pan and zoom the preview window to define the
    extents to use for GeoCrop
  5. If applicable, choose a subset of the data sets

When ordering from WeoGeo Market, any of these settings can
affect the price of a data set. You must click the “Update Price” button to
display the price in US dollars and activate the order button. When ordering
from WeoGeo Market, the order button will not activate until you update the

When ordering from a library through a library subscription,
you may simply define customization options and order your data. Pricing is not
applicable in this situation.

Library Management

On the toolbar for WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS are two buttons
that enable library management. The button with the “plus” icon displays a
dialog that allows you to add a library to dropdown list in the contents view.

Clicking the “plus” button will show the following:

Enter your login information and the library host name
(without protocol identifiers such as https://) and click “OK”. If your login is
validated, the library will be added to the dropdown list.

To remove a library from the list, simply select it in the
dropdown and click the “minus” button. You will be prompted to confirm your
action before the library is removed. Library removal cannot be undone. You
cannot remove market.weogeo.com from the dropdown list.