WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS (Open Beta)

Zekiah is pleased to offer WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS, and extension to ArcGIS Desktop that enables you to quickly and efficiently interact with WeoGeo Market, or your own WeoGeo library from within your ArcMap session.

WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS is available for both ArcGIS 9.3 and 10.0 and is free of charge (although WeoGeo usage and transaction fees will still apply). Please be aware of the WeoGeo Terms and Conditions before using WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS.

WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS currently supports browsing and ordering data from WeoGeo Market and libraries. In the near future, we will be adding support for uploading your data directly from within ArcMap.

Also, be sure to contact us about purchasing Arc2Earth Desktop, our recommended solution for using ArcGIS to generate preview images and tiles for your WeoGeo data sets.

If you’re already using WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS, we’d love your feedback!

WeoGeo is an innovative file management and exchange service built for the spatial data industry. Surveyors, engineers, architects, geoscientist, and cartographers can now rapidly store, search, and transform their professional mapping, GIS, and CAD files with our easy-to-use WeoGeo Library. Our access controlled Library provides scalable storage and hosting for your valuable digital files under a flexible payment plan that dramatically reduces your infrastructure costs.

Our powerful tools let you share and transform your professional geospatial content securely within your own networking environment. These same tools allow you to expand your reach into a global marketplace to buy and sell professional spatial and architectural files. The WeoGeo Market is your business-to-business exchange to create new revenue for your operations.

Zekiah Technologies, a value-added reseller of WeoGeo services, has partnered with WeoGeo to develop WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS to place the power of WeoGeo only a few mouse clicks away inside ArcMap.